Backyard Nature Alphabet Flashcards

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This simple flashcard set is inspired by the urban nature you might find at a park, city green space, or your own backyard!
Each card features an original gouache illustration painted by Stephanie Hathaway and a simple line drawing design of a dandelion pappus and seed.
The cards are printed on a 16 pt card stock with a satin matte finish and rounded edges. The cards measure 4x6".
Cards include: Aster Butterfly (cabbage white) Cottontail rabbit Dandelion Evergreen tree Feather Grass Hummingbird (ruby throated) Isopod (rolly polly) June bug King snake Moon Nest (american robin) Owl (great horned) Pine cone Queen ann's lace Robin (american) Snail Toad Underwing moth Violet Walnut Fox (emphasis on the x sound on the end of the word) Yellow garden spider Zinnia
The cards and band packaging is made of recyclable paper and the cellophane sleeve is biodegradable.